Are you hungry for change?

Are you struggling to achieve your health and wellness aspirations? Do you suffer from cravings or fatigue? Perhaps it is time to finally figure out how to look and feel great in your own body.

Zen Pantry provides comprehensive health coaching and nutritional counseling services. As your coach, I will propose incremental modifications to your diet and lifestyle that are enjoyable and easy to integrate into your life. These changes will result in your attainment of optimal health and wellness.

3 or 6 Month Programs

Health coaching sessions are individually designed to help you facilitate behavioral changes that will transform your health and optimize your life. (2 sessions per month)

Sessions take place in person, over the phone, or by Skype or Facetime.

Do you want to

  • Have more energy?
  • Achieve your ideal weight?
  • Manage food allergies?
  • Eliminate gluten from your diet?
  • Stabilize your blood sugar?
  • Heal your gut?

I can help

  • Identify your objectives.
  • Establish reasonable goals.
  • Improve your self-management.
  • Learn how to stay motivated.
  • Overcome personal roadblocks.
  • Focus on strengths.
  • Track your progress.